"My main problem was neck pain. I could not remember a time that my neck felt pain free. I was having different forms of healing at the time and Lizzy was recommended to me. After my first consultation I knew that Lizzy was the icing on the cake. Very quickly my neck pain had improved and I hardly get bothered by it anymore. More importantly, Lizzy has helped me get to know myself more and I have started on a journey of spiritual discovery. Your devotion and love to helping people, Lizzy, is so inspirational. My gratitude to how you have helped me is unmeasurable. Much love and light to you and I hope we never lose contact."

-Sarah S., United Kingdom


"I don't come across many individuals who possess the intuitive evolvement of Lizzy B Love. Her readings have startling accuracy and being a professional psychic myself, I can attest to her skills. In addition to being gifted psychically, she is a warm, compassionate, understanding soul committed first and foremost to Self-Love. I cant recommend her enough! Give yourself the gift of Lizzy B Love! That is all she has been in my life and I'm sure you will agree!"

-Gabriel L.A., Berkeley, CA

(CEO and Founder of Realms Radio)


"Lizzy is very sweet and patient. She meets you where you are in your process and helps guide you through the challenges you choose to conquer.The depth of the work you embark on is facilitated with grace, patience, and honoring."

-Melissa R., California

"I am from Moscow and I have known Liz for five years already. We met in the Indian Himalayas. And now she has become almost my second Godmother, because with two healing sessions she kind of gave me a second birth. These two sessions initiated new stages in my spiritual development. They both served as a catalyst for a new loop, and offered healing for the inevitable stress that comes with transformation. And also Liz showed me how to talk to my Angels, and now I am in contact with my dear Angels! This is her precious gift to me :)I am very grateful for this."

-A.S., Moscow, Russia

"Just had an AMAZING, mind boggling Powerful Theta healing/Intuitive reading session via Skype with a Beautiful Goddess! You Rock lady. So much Love and gratitude flowing right now!!Thank you soooooooo much for that awesome healing last nite! Wow!!!!! I'm still floating right now my heart is full of love it's so amazing."

-Amanda S., United Kingdom


"Thank you for the other evening. I felt very tired yesterday and had a lot of pain in my left groin area which I still have and in the stomach which I think is to do with the healing. I have also had a cough for six years started when [my daughter] got ill. Well, I have only coughed about 3 times and it is not as hard, it's just a tickle. The cramp in my legs that kept me awake all night has not happened and I have had two short spasms in the day so all in all I think the healing was very good. You do, I think, have something very special and I will be back for another treatment as soon as I have saved enough money.Thank you once again."

-Vera B., United Kingdom

"Thank you Lizzy for a miraculous Theta Healing session! I am in awe...Thank you for facilitating the clearing and healing of my chakras and helping to raise the vibration of my physical and emotional self to the level of my spiritual self. It was a unique experience I have never felt before. Eternally Grateful..."

-R.H., San Francisco, CA

"Lizzy is a spiritual enthusiast who has a deep knowing about people and their path. Her spirit is gentle yet direct which is a blessing. She will guide you with her intuitive knowing. Her high spirit allows for pure source energy to flow through. She sees your highest potential and will offer guidelines to help you to be the best you can be, living in your hearts desire and life purpose. Her natural ability to connect deeply to children is both a gift to her and every child she meets.I am grateful to know her and to be in her energy."

-Laura M., New York


"Lizzy is my go to girl when bird totems come into my life! She can tune in clearly to what these birds are trying to tell me and I'm so thankful for her mini readings to be there for me while I'm learning and tapping into my own intuitive abilities! I definitely consider her one of my guides. She is very sweet, joyful, and humble! Keep up the amazing work Lizzy! You are so loved."

- Kelsey J.H., Utah

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