HOW CAN I HELP YOU? I offer an intuitive connection to your guides, your highest self, and that voice within you that has been quieted through food, fear, and other unhealthy behaviors. Most of the guidance that I channel is a confirmation of what you already know, or have felt, but have not been confident enough to believe or take action on. Through our work together, I help you let go of unhealthy eating habits and, instead, rely on your own Inner Light to nourish you and keep you feeling safe.



My healing session focus on helping you identify and clear the blocks on your path to joy, happiness, and abundance in all forms. Repressed emotions, past-life karma, current life trauma, and limiting sub-conscious beliefs are all steering your life until you become aware and mindful of your energy fields and your thought patterns.


The process of opening up your intuitive channels gives you back the steering wheel so you can co-create the life of your dreams without self-sabotage and karmic roadblocks. You are able to feel empowered, healthy, fulfilled, inspired, and capable!



Oftentimes, one healing session scratches the surface of karma and habit patterns that have been in place for decades, if not lifetimes. It is a longer process to uncover, release, and healthese karmic patterns. One session is very helpful, and it takes a series of sessions to get to the deeper places that create the big shifts in your body, your energy, and your life. 


Many of my clients experience big changes in the way they approach food, the way they see their own worth, and they tend to discover their inner talents and activities that truly nourish their hearts and souls. Working with them week after week ensures that the old habit patterns don't come sneaking back in, which happens when we 'forget' to keep our energy clear and we resort to old ways of living.



If you are interested in learning about your energy fields, your chakras, past-lives, current life issues, and anything else going on in the world, I can help offer some guidance. I am a very clear channel for your spirit guides, your Angels, your deceased loved ones, your highest self, and for other beings of love and light. 


The readings I offer tend to illuminate the roadblocks on your path, and let you know how to go about healing and releasing them. I tend to not offer "future projections" as much because the future is always shifting and changing depending upon the choices we make in this moment. That is why my readings are so powerful. I look into the energy of this moment, and let you know how you can make sure to keep your vibration really high and your manifestation channels open so you can co-create the life of your dreams. 

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