Have you ever thought that all you need to move forward in life is someone to cheer you on, someone to hear and see your vision without judgment and just hold space for your creative process? Well, that is EXACTLY what my coaching is all about. 


How am I different from other coaches? I bring my extensive healing toolkit to the coaching process. Oftentimes, I include intuitive readings and Archangel healing in the coaching session. But the focus is to help you find your own answers, and therefore feel more empowered to continue on your own path with confidence and a clear connection to the Divine.


My coaching is a form of healing that is 'less me and more you.' The central focus of any session with me, regardless of the title, is all about getting to the intuitive power within you. I am channeling information from the Angels and from your inner voice. So through the coaching session not only do I help you understand and interpret the messages you are already receiving in your life (as answers to your prayers), I hold space for your own inner exploration and discovery of your own favorite ways of caring for your health, connecting with your Angels, and just being happy.


What can you hope to receive from the coaching sessions? You receive a weekly support team composed of me, your Angels, your guides, and yourself. You can gain footing on your path, which means that I help you figure out what you really want and develop the confidence to go out and get it. And I can help you release and heal past-life karma, childhood trauma, and limiting beliefs that are holding you back. 


Send me a MESSAGE for more information. You are completely capable of healing and receiving your dreams as your reality. All you have to do is show up and be willing to do the work. I've been there, I'm still there in a lot of ways, so I know how it feels to be scared and nervous and have no clue what you want or what is possible. That's okay to feel that way. Just don't let it stop you from living a life of health and wealth on all levels. You want joy, you want fulfillment, and you want to be financially secure? Lizzy B Love Coaching is for you!

Coaching Sessions: 12 weeks (1 session per week) for $1200

Want some help feeling better about your body? Click here to schedule your free Soul Discovery session!




INTUITION 101: Let's tap into that powerful sense we all have deep within. Meditation, prayer, time in nature, energy healing, etc., all help to clear away whatever is blocking your intuition. This is always fun!!

SELF LOVE EXTRAVAGANZA: Use your newly opened intuitive channel to learn what activities, places, and people support your feeling of self-love and bubbly joy. When we feel good, we are highly productive! We will set up a daily and weekly schedule of your most self-love boosting activities. You will learn to focus less on your appearance and worries, and more on situations that help you grow and love your life on a daily basis. So not only will you feel much better about yourself and your life (and your body) in general, but you will actually create true productivity and not just "busyness." Our minds and hearts need to have space to be inspired and creative. Self-love is the ultimate inspiration!

GOAL SETTING FOR GO-GETTERS: Now that you've opened your intuition and you're using it to create daily self-love boosting activities, let's see what goals you want to cross off your list! This is the test run we have been prepping for. When life gets rough we need a solid foundation of self-love to keep us going. True productivity comes from perseverance, and this is only possible when we believe in ourselves and no longer self-sabotage our progress. It is time to crush your goals! You will be feeling like a capable  badass by the time we are done. As long as you have solid support systems in place, you are golden!  And at the end of month 3 you will have plenty of tools to help you as you go off on your own, or you can choose to continue our work together in the second of 3-month programs where you learn to re-program your life into one of joy, love, wealth, and more! Click HERE for more information about that!

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